Mehdi & Sudeh

We lived in Louis Regoutstraat 3 for 6 months before we had to leave it for work,  and it was indeed an unforgettable part of our life.

The best part is that when you are exhausted from routines, you can easily count on a peaceful break in its terrace overlooking a beautiful pond. It really brings the peace back.

The location was really great, the train station is within a 3 min walking distance, and it is convenient on different occasions and the shopping area with a variety of shops is so close.

We lived on the upper floor. It is spacious and reasonably facilitated. The bedroom is on a different floor from the living room, and it was quite handy for us.

The landlady is really attentive and helpful; I remember the DVD-player had some problems and when we inform her we had a new one the day after. So Roos is really great.

Overall, we had a great experience in Louis Regoutstraat, and we still sometimes miss it!

Thank you, Roos,

We wish you all the best with lovely tenants in the coming years.
Mehdi & Sudeh